TREBBIANO                                   125ML                   175ML                  250ML                    BOTTLE

                                                     £3.95                     £4.50                    £5.95                       £15.95

A dry white wine with a fruity aroma and crisp, refreshing taste. the wine is well balanced overall.

FALANGHINA                               125ML                    175ML                  250ML                   BOTTLE    

                                                    £4.20                      £4.75                   £6.20                      £21.95

Light bodied, this. on the palate the initial warm embrace is followed by a pleasant sour note. the wine becomes long and perfectly persistent with satisfying fresh notes on the aftertaste.

PINOT GRIGIO                             125ML                     175ML                  250ML                    BOTTLE

                                                   £4.50                       £5.10                    £6.50                      £24.95

Intense aromas of orchard apples and ripe pears followed by an elegant and harmonious full and fruity palate with well balance body and pleasant acidity.

ROERO ARNEIS                           £25.95

A wonderfully rich and complex bouquet with notes of almond and a dry, harmonious and slightly bitter aftertaste.

SAUVIGNON                                 £24.95                          

​Well-defined bouquet,enhanced by delicate hints of elderberry,nettle and blackcurrants. It boasts a delicate body,characterized by a pleasant acidity that s light and harmonious

CHARDONNAY                             £24..95

This Chardonnay oozes aromas of golden apples and wildflowers. Its unmistakable character is inviting ,complex and harmonious,with a pleasant hint of apple,acacia flowers and very light liquorice.

GAVI DI GAVI                                £30.95

An intense and fine bouquet with persistent fruity and flowery notes similar to those of golden apples and green almonds as well as a clean aroma of chamomile flowers.The flavour is full-bodied and remarkably balanced,harmonious and persistent.

SOAVE                                          £23.95

Straw-yellow in color,this dry white wine has a pleasant aroma and intense flavours of floral notes with a distinct almond aftertaste. 

KIKE                                             £30.95

The aroma is reminiscent of spices and candied fruit. The taste of the wine is full and intense. Fruity and flowery notes emerge together with hints of spice on the palate.


                                                                              RED WINE   

MONTEPULCIANO                         125ML                      175ML                   250ML                  BOTTLE

                                                      £3.95                        £4.50                    £5.95                     £15.95

An intense ruby red coloured wine,with a full body. The palate is fruity with a well balanced taste.

MALBEC                                         125ML                      175ML                    250ML                 BOTTLE

                                                      £4.20                        £4.75                      £6.20                   £23.95

Rich ruby red in colour with a delightfully soft and enveloping palate. Made from Nero D'Avola grapes this wine is sof, rounded with an elegant finish.

MERLOT                                         125ML                      175ML                    250ML                 BOTTLE

                                                        £4.50                       £5.10                       £6.50                   £25.95

The palate is rich with peppery blackberries and blueberries and a subtle hint of dark chocolate. the character is wonderfully lengthy with a smooth and creamy finish.

PRIMITIVO                                    £24.95

Intense ruby red in colour, soft and full bodied with a spicy note and fine fruit sweetness on the finish.

AGLIANICO                                  £25.95

Clear and complex with enjoyable hints of cherry and red berry notes, followed by a market vanilla and spicy note. Elegant, warm and full bodied this wine has a good length and persistence that leaves an enjoyable soft sensation on the palate.

SYRAH                                         £24.95

Intense ruby red colour with violet highlights. it has fruity aromas with hints of black pepper. On the palate it is warm and rounded with medium tannins.

CHIANTI CLASSICO                     £28.95

A fruity nose producing hints of light spiciness, on the palate this wine is savoury and full bodies, with a good aromatic persistency and good structure.


Rich and well structured with hints of ripe cherries and red berries, silky tannins and a long finish.

NERO D'AVOLA                          £23.95

Ripe cherry, blackcurrant and light spice aromas exude from the glass and combine with a palate rich with dark cedar edged fruits, spiced and supple tannins to give a lengthy finish.

AMARONE                                 £44.95

The complex bouquet hints vanilla and cherry conserve and depth of robust yet elegant, balsamic and toasty flavours.



ZINFANDEL ROSE                      125ML                      175ML                        250ML                    BOTTLE

                                                  £4.50                        £5.10                          £6.50                      £23.95

A luscious Zinfandel Rose with grapes from sunny California bursting with ripe aromas of wild strawberry and exotic fruits. This bouquet follows through to the taste and is balanced with a refreshing, clean and lengthy finish.

PINOT GRIGIO IGT 'BLUSH'        125ML                      175ML                       250ML                      BOTTLE 

                                                 £4.50                       £5.10                          £6.50                        £24.95

Delicately aromatic & deliciously crisp on the palate. the 'Blush' hues are obtained from the pale copper coloured skins of the Pinot Grigio grapes.


 PROSECCO                              GLASS                     BOTTLE

                                                 £6.50                        £25.95

Soft straw yellow in colour, the bouquet is fresh, floral and slightly aromatic. With a delightful fruity flavour the Prosecco is fresh and has a full bodied finish.

GRAND CUVEE                         £25.95

A fine and persistent perlage. A flowery and aromatic bouquet of white flowers with a hint of apricot together with a dry, vibrant and powerful flavour.

FRANCIACORTA                       £49.95

Straw yellow in colour with a fine and persistent perlage. it has fragrant and fruity aromas of peach, mandarin and toasted almonds and a fresh and citrusy finish on the palate.