Espresso Single £2.50

Espresso Double £3.00

Cappuccino £3.00

Caffe Latte £3.00

Filter Coffee £2.30

Decaffeinated Coffee £2.30

Hot Chocolate £2.50

Tea £3.00

Infusions £3.00 

Liqueur Coffee £7.30

Digestive £4.00

 Main course, plus glass of house wine (125cl), guest beer or soft drink £11.95 

Starter & Main, plus glass of house wine (125cl), guest beer or soft drink £13.95 


Zuppa del Giorno 

Home made soup of the day served with crusty bread 

Funghi Darwin 

Mushrooms sauteed in a creamy garlic sauce 


Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil 

Affettati Misti 

Selection of cured meats, cheeses and olives 


Deep fried calamari served with dill and lime mayonnaise 

Bruschetta Pomodoro

Toasted ciabatta topped with marinated cherry tomatoes


Flattened Rump 

Flattened rump steak flavoured with garlic, chilli and rock salt

Topped with rocket salad and grana padano shavings 

Pollo Boscaiola 

Chicken breast pan fried, served with mushrooms, cream and mashed potato 


Seabass in breadcrumbs pan fried, served with homemade chips 

Paccheri Norma 

Pasta tubes with aubergines and tomato ragu finished with ricotta 

Linguine Carbonara 

Thin pasta with pancetta, egg and cream sauce 

Linguine Cozze 

Thin pasta with mussels, cherry tomato and fish bisque 


With your choice of two toppings 

Smile menu is available: 

Sunday to Thursday from 12pm-2pm /6pm-7.30pm

Friday and Saturday from 12pm-4.30pm